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The Ultimate In Exotic Indulgence

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Here you find detailed information about our services, quality standards, premises, and our masseuses and masseurs. Immerse yourself in a world full of sensuality, tenderness, relaxation, and pure joy of life.

Massages have a long tradition in the history of mankind and are used for a multitude of purposes: Cure, relaxation, meditation, and eroticism. In our salon, we spoil you using every trick in the book, and we assure you that every massage is tailored individually to our customers’ needs.

Every day we surprise and enchant our customers in our massage salon in South Melbourne that is managed lovingly and with charm and offers tender relaxing massages. Let our masseuses and masseurs take you on a voyage where pure sensuality is both the journey and the goal.

Erotic bodywork in SOUTH MELBOURNE DAY SPA 

Sensual, exotic, and tender. SMDS massages are touching and seductive. Thanks to the combination of professional full body massage and exotic hands in the far-eastern Taoist style, the elegant Euro-inspired premises and last, not least our competent, attractive therapists.

Working for more than 20 years in the somatic bodywork industry

We opened Melbourne's first Temple Arts studio in 2001. The founder and her team have always been passionate wellness advocates and bodywork lovers. They have visited countless spas and luxury hotels around the world to be inspired and to take the best for the needs of their guests from each of them.

 for body and soul

Body and soul are inseparably linked, and only when we indulge in a bodywork when your body can relax fully, your soul is also very quickly appeased. In hectic times between stress at work and everyday life, a professional full-body massage is the perfect means to find peace and sensuality.

Our salon

Our salon combines modern equipment, privacy, and a harmonic Euro-inspired interior. Here, you can instantly absorb the atmosphere you need to relax. Plunge yourself in ambient lighting and enjoy our large, luxurious massage suites and integrated bathrooms. Everything is cared for so that you only have to give in to the tender hands of your masseuse or masseur.

Our offerings

Our services comprise a wide range of relaxing massages. You can engage in soothing wellness massages or choose from our exquisite exotic offerings. You have the choice between wellness massages, body-to-body massages, or mixed ones. Whatever desires you bring to us, we will find a suitable massage solution for you!

In the area of wellness massages, you have the choice between many exotic international procedures - from a Nuru Slippery bodywork using slippery gel to a Tantra massage.

south melbourne

day spa

Boutique Pampering Indulgence

Men, Women & Couples Welcome



OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Between 10am and 11pm

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It is scientifically proven that just below the skin are millions of tiny nerve endings that are especially sensitive to slow, sweeping movements. These nerve endings transmit impulses via dedicated connectors directly to the brain – the part of the human body that is responsible for positive emotions such as love and sexual arousal. 

The key emotion here is tenderness - tenderness which you receive through an especially affectionate massage consisting of the kind of soft and gentle caresses described above. Your masseuse uses not only their hands, but also stimulates you with an exciting body-to-body massage. The massage is highly intuitive and is performed using a fine powder. 

The concluding part of the massage starts with the gentle stimulation of your erogenous zones and culminates in an invigorating massage of your genital area. Here, we use our imaginative and varied bodywork technique based on Far Eastern principles to provide you with maximum pleasure. 

The sensual massage is ideally suited to people who are not looking for a massage in the traditional sense, but are rather seeking physical closeness and want to experience  beautiful moments of tenderness.  


an exotic experience only 1km from the CBD. newly opened. 

offering the most unique and boutique experiences for your pleasure. legal, licensed and permitted. why risk it anywhere else. call or sms to make an appointment. open only by appointment.   


Open by Appointment only. Please call/text before coming. 

Security system is installed and you will be filmed upon entrance and exit. 

Please have your cash ready on arrival as payment is taken prior to the session and not after the session. 

Please ask about the loyalty program. 

Both Holistic, Wellness and erotic services are offered to abide by the laws of the state of Victoria. 


For Professional or personal use


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