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Tao Massage

The Tao massage is based on the ancient philosophical tradition of Taoism, which seeks to balance natural forces and achieve peace and harmony with the universe. This highly sensual and spiritual massage technique features an invigorating combination of gentle, flowing movement sequences and relaxing holding positions to open up your energy centres - otherwise known as chakra - and revitalize your body's energy channels

The sensual, second half of this massage consists of soft, attentive stroking movements and gentle, tender caresses all over your body – in particular, your erogenous zones – and culminates in a stimulating massage of your genital area. Here, we use our imaginative and varied bodywork technique based on Far Eastern principles to provide you with maximum pleasure.  


Indulgence sessions and prices

90 Minutes $375 AUD 

120 Minutes $475 AUD


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 20:00

SMS 0422476055

Products and ambiance

The Tao massage is performed using large amounts of oil on a futon.


Tao massage is a treatment method based on the principles of Chinese Taoism. The aim is to liberate all energies in the body and to bring them into a harmonious flow. Tao massage goes beyond being a purely manual treatment method but also incorporates philosophical elements. This makes it akin to a spiritual ritual.

Tao massage is often confused with Tantra massage, or both terms are used interchangeably. Tantra massage has its origins in Indo-Tibetan culture, whereas Tao massage is based on the ideas and experiences of Chinese Taoism. Both forms of massage attempt to facilitate spiritual experiences through sensuality. Tao massage aims to help develop awareness of the unity of all things, as expressed in the principle of yin and yang.

The Tao – A universal principle

In order to recognize the significance of Tao massage, it is necessary to understand what the Tao actually is. According to Chinese teaching, the Tao is an all-encompassing life energy; the energy which is behind the existence of everything that is. Tao is really only a term to somewhat describe that which cannot be described in words. It is not about a physical realm or an abstraction such as the word "God", for instance. "Tao" ultimately means everything that is. And humans encounter everything that is in the duality of yin and yang: night - day, sun - moon, illness - health, happiness- misfortune, big - small etc. This dichotomy does not exist in reality, though, but only in human perception. In truth, all is one. This is illustrated in the Taiji symbol in Taoism: yin and yang are in a circular relationship to and alternate stages with each other. And there is always a little bit of yin in the yang and some yang in the yin. Every night holds the potential for the next day, and every illness offers the opportunity to regain health. This unity is called "Taiji" and the Tao is its working principle.

Tao massage – Yin and yang as one

People in the Western world find this concept particularly difficult to grasp. But there are several ways which can help to develop this understanding. One of these is Tao massage. It induces a sensual relaxation which soothes and calms the body via the psyche. Yin and yang also act as polar and interdependent energies within the human body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, body regions, states of mind, feelings and the internal organs are differentiated in terms of yin and yang patterns. A person is considered healthy when all yin and yang forces are perfectly balanced and there are neither energy surpluses nor deficiencies.

Tao massage seeks to dissolve emotional blockages and thus resolve and prevent physical ailments. Seen in this way, Tao-massage is a form of meditation that aims to induce a state of mental calmness. The task of the masseur/se is to bring about the relaxing effects. The movements are soft and wavy, and just as yin and yang alternate with each other, stillness and relaxation alternate with stimulation and arousal in Tao massage.

Tao massage according to Russell & Kolb

According to Chinese philosophy, men and women are also yin and yang. Tao massage will help bring together the male and female energy to create the great Taiji, where the Tao can be perceived. In order to achieve this, we practice Tao massage according to Stephen Russell and Jürgen Kolb. This form of massage is characterized by alternating phases of deep relaxation and senual arousal. This is not an erotic massage however, but an energetic one. It is really about liberating and directing the body's own energies, and sexual energy is just one of the many. All energies flow along the energy pathways known as meridians. These pathways, as well as individual energy points, are stimulated; mostly with delicate and fluid stroking movements. Clients will be aware of their energies immediately after a successful massage and can make use of them in their daily lives. They will experience their whole life more intensely and are able to shape it more consciously.

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