Romantic Massage for Couples


Treat yourself and your loved one to a romantic indulgence package. You have the choice between a four-person couples massage featuring two masseuses or a three-person couples massage featuring just one masseuse. 

With a four-person couples massage, you and your partner are massaged simultaneously by two masseuses. Let yourself go and entrust yourselves to the sensitive and skilled hands of your masseuses – either in the same space or in separate rooms. 

With a three-person couples massage, you and your partner are pampered by a masseuse one after the other. When it is your partner’s turn, you can either sit back and watch your partner being massaged, or join in with the massage yourself. This allows your partner to enjoy a sensuous four-hand massage while giving you the opportunity to gain new impulses for your personal love life through the careful guidance of your masseuse. 

It is important to us that you feel relaxed and respected during the massage at all times. We therefore leave it up to you to decide how you would like the massage to play out. 

In principle, all massages from our offering can be booked for couples. Our classic massage or tantric massage, for example, are especially well suited to couples massages. 

Indulgence sessions and prices - Four person couple massage

60 Minutes   $500 AUD

90 Minutes   $750 AUD

120 Minutes $950 AUD

Indulgence sessions and prices are charged per masseuse and depend on the massage chosen (prices above include two masseuses / masseurs).

Massage lasts at least 60 minutes.

Indulgence sessions and prices for Three-persons couple massage

60 Minutes $350 AUD

90 Minutes $450 AUD

120 Minutes $550 AUD

A surcharge of CHF 50 is applied for the three-person couples massage (already included in the prices abovementioned).

Extended relaxation in massage room

Would you like to enjoy a little more private time with your loved one after your massage? No problem: we give you the option of booking your massage room beyond the scheduled massage time. 

30 Minutes $100

45 Minutes $175

60 Minutes $200


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