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Couples can indulge in any of our above sessions together. 

You have the option of the following. 

Is this the first time you are exploring a third person in your relationship? 

has it been a fantasy to have a third person in which you can indulge in a sensual experience with? 

Or would you like to learn some skills and techniques only to enhance your lovemaking skills?

Couple Sessions are designed specifically in a way that gives the couple an opportunity to explore their fantasies with having a third person in the room with them. 

For first timers, we understand that this can be a delicate thing to tread on. For women, especially, it could be daunting and scary. 


We want to make this experience for you as easy, light and beautiful as possible. 


With a friendly and nurturing approach, nothing will occur without the full consent of both partners. 

You can choose from the following options: 



* Come in as a couple to learn skills and techniques with one another.

Here there is no interaction at all with the practitioner, she is there only to guide you, instruct you and make it a light and fun experience for the both of you. An instructional session is gentle, and an easy way to approach the experience of having a third person in the room. The practitioner can either be a sensual/sexual semi nude gorgeous goddess, or you can be instructed by a highly skilled, trained and mature Sexologist who can work with you both to overcome any issues, traumas or capabilities.   

Sessions for these are - 1Hr - $300 - 90 minutes - $400

If you would like to book with the sexologist, an initial telephone consultation is needed to understand the areas of focus needed in the session. (the sexologist is fully clothed and will fully guide you and talk you through everything you need to do) 

SMS your names and what time suits to 0488 938 962  and let us know what type of session you would like to book for. 


* have a practitioner join you in a session

In this type of session, the practitioner is joining you for the experience. 

The structure of the session is usually - one half of the time on one partner, while the other is assisting - and then the other half on the other partner, while the other partner is assisting. 

For example - if you were to book for a 90 minute Mutual session - the first 45 minutes - the practitioner will massage one partner, body slides, etc and that partner is able to touch the practitioner only. The other partner will be massaging their partner, and assisting the practitioner. So the partner receiving is having a 4 hand massage with their partner, and the practitioner. Then this reverses. 

The price for this is the 45min session of choice x2 = 90min - have a look at the prices page when deciding. 

If both partners want to join in for the entire time for an hour - the price is 1 hour cost x2 = for 1 hour. 

So if you chose a mutual session - the price for a couple in which one partner touches the practitioner - and then vice versa for 1 hour - its is the 30 min price x2 = $400 for 1 hour. 

if both partners are touching the practitioner for the entire time - it is the 1hr price x2 = for 1 hour so its $600. 

SMS your names and what time suits to 0422 476 055  and let us know what type of session you would like to book for. 


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