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Sensual Massage

It is scientifically proven that just below the skin are millions of tiny nerve endings that are especially sensitive to slow, sweeping movements. These nerve endings transmit impulses via dedicated connectors directly to the brain – the part of the human body that is responsible for positive emotions such as love and arousal.

The key emotion here is tenderness - tenderness which you receive through an especially affectionate massage consisting of the kind of soft and gentle caresses described above. Your masseuse uses not only their hands, but also stimulates you with an exciting body-to-body massage. The massage is highly intuitive and is performed using either nuru gel or coconut oil.

The sensual massage is ideally suited to people who are not looking for a massage in the traditional sense, but are rather seeking physical closeness and want to experience  beautiful moments of tenderness.  

Indulgence sessions and prices

45 Minutes  $200 AUD 

60 Minutes  $250 AUD

90 Minutes  $350 AUD

120 Minutes $450 AUD


Contact us daily from 09:45am - 20:00

SMS : 0422476055


Products and ambiance

The sensual massage is performed "dry" using small amounts of talcum powder on a massage table or futon.

Four-hand Massage

Our four-hand massage is an extremely pleasurable experience for real lovers of the art. Two masseuses pamper you simultaneously as they create a sensuous symphony of movement all over your body. Dive into a world of endless sensations and let yourself be transported to exotic new heights. 

Many of our guests find themselves deeply moved after a massage of this kind and need some time before they are able to come back to reality. 

In principle, all massages from our offering can be booked as four-hand massages. However, we especially recommend our classic massage, sensual massage or tantric massage. 


The length of the massage depends on the type of massage chosen. The costs are charged per masseuse. Thus, the price is doubled compared with a two-hand massage.

Four-Hand Massage Indulgence sessions and prices are charged per masseuse and depend on the massage chosen.


Romantic Massage for Couples

Four-person couples massage:

60 Minutes  $500 AUD 

90 Minutes  $700 AUD

120 Minutes $900 AUD

Indulgence sessions and prices are charged per masseuse and depend on the massage chosen.

Three-person couples massage:

60 minutes from $350

90 Minutes from $500 AUD

120 Minutes from $650 

Indulgence sessions and prices depend on the massage chosen.


Text a day and time that suits to book in to


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