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Massages at SMDA are a top-class indulgence. Not only the versatile offer promises varied and deep relaxation, also all masseuses and masseurs provide moments of complete dedication and meditation. Sensitivity, empathy and tenderness are additional to the knowledge and application of massage techniques the most important basics for creating a cosy situation one loves to enjoy.

Imagine how two skilled hands are slowly and emotionally massaging your shoulders and how your shoulder-neck area is getting more and more relaxed due to the rhythmic movements – like an iceberg melting under the warm sun-rays. Imagine further how this feelings spread throughout the body and all parts, which are usually tensed and hard, surrender to these motions. Tensions are loosened, pains disappear – lightness starts to evolve. That is massage! It is not about stimulating systematic points on the body, but about getting in touch with the person who trusts us in being – literally – in good hands with us. Massages at SMDS are no sterile programme, which is followed step-by-step. There are individual encounters between masseuses and masseurs and the clients – it is a conversation without words, instead with energetic touch. 

Massages at South Melbourne DAY SPA – harmonising body and mind

Massages belong to the world’s oldest remedies. Healing or health is not only related to remedying or preventing physical problems, but also to the consideration of emotional and mental wellbeing. Not for nothing it is said in an older work on massages and therapeutic gymnastics:

„As every human person is instinctively rubbing or pressing against a body part, which is swollen and thus hurts, and tries to relieve the pain caused by tension, this instinctive measure was most likely used as a remedy at all times.“ (Kirchberg, Frank (1926): Handbook of massage and therapeutic gymnastics)

Massages make use of an instinctive human behaviour. Thus the effects are also very deep. There is a nearly endless number of massage variants. We at SMDS offer an extensive selection of exclusive massages for relaxation.  Bodywork & touching offers something conventional massages can’t provide: the unification of relaxation, release and desire – the desire of sensual perception in encountering with a human.  In this way we offer something for everyone; and all bodywork aim at the same:  complete relaxation, which leads to a journey in a world far from everyday life, stress and worry.

Overview of our offers

We offer common health and wellness massages for our customers: these include additional to the classical massage also the Balinese and Chinese massage. We also provide the healing arts of Shiatsu, Thai and Tao massages, massages with candle wax and chocolate as well as hot stone massages. In addition you will also find bamboo massages as well as Hawaiian and Ayurvedic oil massages. In the range of body-to-body massages you can find the sensual and tantric massage, nuru and soap foam massage. Our exclusive offer comprises of four hand massages, romantic massages for partners, bondage massages and BDSM massages.  Talk with us about your individual wishes. At SMDS we do our best to let them come true.

How we work

All our massages comply with certain principles and quality standards that allow us to indulge you in a very cultivated ambience. We work within the symbiosis of customer’s wish, massage offer, space and time. Additionally there is what only can be found between the lines, between humans – emotions.

Our experienced masseuses and masseurs will use massage movement techniques basing on Far Eastern, tantric-taoistic principles. Please keep in mind that you are the recipient during every massage. This means only the masseuse/masseur is actively engaged. This clear allocation of roles allows you to absolutely indulge in getting touched. It allows the masseuses/masseurs to completely concentrate on your individual character. Each massage bases on mutual respect. We work in a very sensitive area – both physical and emotional. Thus respect and acceptance belong to the basic requirements.

Training and standards

All our masseuses and masseurs have acknowledged training and certificates. Also the exquisite areas such as S&M massages are subject to quality standards, including a suitable training at a mistress school. All team members offering BDSM massages participated in a basic and advanced workshop. They are skilled in various dominant varieties. Our job applicants are masseuses and masseurs who completed their professional training. In case masseuses/masseurs have no proficient skills at the time of application, they will complete their training at a renowned massage school. 

To find out more about our extensive and exclusive range of massages, simply click on the service in question.

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